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Anonymous whispered, "Hey, what do you think about the theory that Bepo's heart was placed into a bear because he was hurt or had some incurable terminal disease? Then Law was like "I won't let you die!" and BAM! Law gets an oversized cutesy teddy bear to snuggle with and be cute with. I personally think its plausible and i just read the new chapter! *fangirling even though he's only in two panels*"

Well, I have yet to see any of his crew right now. =( But I don’t think we should jump to conclusions yet, Bepo could be one of those devil fruit users like Chopper, etc.

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Anonymous whispered, "Trafalgar law, will you marry me?"

I am technically not Law himself. =)

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kushinatomatohead whispered, "hey trafalgar law!! :D"

Hello there. =)

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Anonymous whispered, "Which Hat do like more? The one before or after the two years?"

That’s quite tough. But I would say the new one; it looks more relaxed and natural. 

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Anonymous whispered, "how many followers this blog have? nothing personal i just want to know how many trafalgar law lovers out there. ^_^"

169, and counting steadily.

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